1. Star

From the recording Star


Little star in heaven
These hands could cover you
But if you ever disappeared from me
I don't know what I'd do

The richness of your tapestry
The way in which you spin
Twisting silent in the darkness
Burning fire from within

And I don't know where you came from
I don't know where you go
The purpose of your journey
I don't think I'll ever know

But I want to return to you
The secrets that I stole
And in the still night hours
You'll open up your soul to me..

Beautiful in blue
Beautiful in blue
With a halo made of heaven
And the sky surrounding you
Beautiful in ashes
Beautiful in gold
Hold me close my sweetness
Don't ever let me go...

Music by Todd McNeal
Lyrics by Aidan Matthews

Vocals - Emma Lewendon
Piano - Todd McNeal
Bass - Dave Ellis
Drums - Lawrie Thompson

From the album 'All My Good Intentions' (2007)