1. Black Dog

From the recording Black Dog


Black Dog, let me be,
Don't spread your dark shadows over me
I will not be bound by your heavy frown
I will not wear your crown
So let me be
I will be free

Black Dog, I see you now
Your sunken eyes and your mirthless jowl
But I will not lie beneath your sodden weight
I will not hesitate
To turn and fly
To clear blue sky

Or could we two be friends?
I'll throw a stick your way
And shout 'hey, hey, yey, yey'
We'll sit and share our thoughts of days gone by
And secret soulful things
You will tell me what you need from me
What is it I must do to make you laugh and smile
And run and play, a spirit dance forever and a day...

Black Dog can't you see?
I cannot live with you hounding me
So go run and play in the woods and fields
Go lapping up cool water
And you'll see -
You can be free..

Vocals - Emma Lewendon
Piano & Rhodes - Todd McNeal
Bass - Dave Ellis
Drums - Lawrie Thompson
Flute - Graham Jesse

From the album 'All My Good Intentions' (2007)