You are very adept in writing for this genre. The Sondheimesque' style fitted beautifully for this piece. The synthesis of the music and lyrics work seamlessly to the story and drive the narrative along. An example of this is 'Seminal Investments', the musical maturity along with the wit of the lyrics result in a hilarious yet very poignant moment in the piece. It is particularly fast pacing with many twists and turns of the plot... As you have such a strong base from which to work, go back and look to see where you could tighten the plot... But whilst doing this, you do not need to simplify the musical style. You could even be braver in your musical choices...Please keep working on 'Grace and Favour'. It is a show that deserves with some work to have a commercial life'” - Cardiff International Festival of Musical Theatre

— Judges at the Global Search For New Musicals